Monday, June 29, 2009

WOW. It has been a long time since I have remembered to put something important up here. Probably because I have been transitioning my life from full-time student to full-time artist/designer/illustrator. I have found a great job and niche in Des Moines at a company named SMASH. The Des Moines Art Festival was surprisingly interesting this year. Many of the previous years had left me asking myself "why?" to some of the people that were featured. The emerging artists section is usually my favorite, but it seemed there were a few artists that had similar work in that area of the festival. An awesome person found an artist that works with stencils Mark Traughber and purchased a small piece by him for me (how sweet), thank you. I really feel that I should get in there next year. It is pretty high traffic and there would be a lot of exposure. I kinda drew away from the festival circuit in a conscious effort so that I would not gravitate towards making work that was universally pleasing for everyone, it's not my thing. My co-worker and good friend Stefan Hansen has agreed to work on my website, finally, after me taking about it for the past two years. Having a website is impressive to many gallery owners and collectors, so it is much needed. It feels like now is the time to get one, being that I am finished with school. We bought the domain name to and, both names will go to the same page. I will be posting some new work once it is done, I am flying low and just taking everything in before I attempt to put mind to canvas/work.

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